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AngularJS Note Application

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While ago after getting my head around angular, I wrote this application and I had some plans to make it even more interesting which because of exams period I didn’t get chance of implementing them. Now that I have some free time i’m trying to play a bit more with angular and maybe implement the things that I wanted to do for this little note application. But before doing so I want to share this application with our amazing community just to be an example for the people who are new to angular and this is my first angular application and I think I need your help to give me some feedback or send me pull request and tell me where I did something wrong or I could do better !! For storing the notes, I used PouchDB which is a really nice, easy to use and couchdb like database for inside of the browser. Also you can connect it to a couchdb client to sync the data with your online database if you wish !! Also I used Ratchet to make it a bit more ios like !!

Thank you so much !!

You can see the application Here

And the source code on GitHub